Sunday, 22 September 2013

Season 8 Finale Episode 12 'Remember the Monster' Watch Online [ Live Stream ]

Dexter Season 8 Finale! Tonight is the night and it comes to an end. It's time to say goodbye to our favorite serial killer forever! The title of this very last episode is ' Remmeber the Monster' which has been written by Scott Buck.

It's not much time left but still what do you think might happen tonight. Moreover Do comment on our Facebook fan page about tonights episode.

Season 8 Finale Episode 12 'Remember the Monster' Watch Online [ Live Stream ]
Enjoy every moment of the very last of Dexter tonight. You can check out streaming on the Showtimes website after the episode has finished.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Where to Watch online Episode 11 'Monkey in a box' - Live Streaming

Showtime ( Source )

Dexter Season 8 Episode 11 'Monkey in a box' will be aired tonight on Showtime Network at 9 p.m. The above mentioned network appears to be streaming the episode online right after it is aired, subject to how it is available in certain countries.
Monkey in a box episode 11 Dexter

Episode 11 will be setting the tone for the finale of Dexter Series. There has been a talk that Dexter will be killed by Debra because she knows every inside of Dexter however it goes against every thing which has been established about Morgans. What about Deb, is she likely to die ?

Dexter season 8 Episode 11 airing Sunday September 15th on Showtime Network.

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